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The quality of your imprint begins with the quality of your artwork. We recommend digitally-created artwork for the cleanest, sharpest imprint. This can be supplied by your graphic designer or advertising agency. Regardless of the existing status of your artwork, our staff can determine the reproductive feasibility free of charge. LinksWalker can also set type and do light touch-ups free of charge; however, charges may be assessed for more extensive art manipulation. We reserve the right to delay or reject any order based upon artwork received. Unless otherwise stated on your order, LinksWalker reserves the right to alter artwork to achieve the best imprint appearance for a specific product. Any alterations are presented to the customer for approval.

For precise information regarding the printable areas of products, please see the product design templates available at our website:

Always provide a layout and a hard copy of your art so we will know how you want your imprint to look. Provide (if applicable) a color composite of multi-color images when sending in camera-ready art, or just send it in color, digitally.

VECTOR ART (preferred)
The highest quality art is vector art. This is digital art created with drawing software such as Corel Draw (we can accept files up to version X5) or Adobe Illustrator (up to CS5). These programs use lines, curves, points and mathematics to construct an image. Vector art is resolution independent. This means that it can be enlarged to any size without decreasing the quality of the image. It is extremely important that you send ALL of the files that were used to create your digital art. This includes any files that have been placed, linked or embedded into your art, such as EPS, PDFs, TIFFs, PNGs, PSDs or JPEGs.

FONTS (in vector-based files)
Whenever possible, please convert your text into curves or outlines before sending your art. This can be done easily in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If the program you are using doesn’t allow you to do this, then please send all of the associated screen and printer fonts. Otherwise, your fonts may default to a different typeface than what you had intended.

RASTER ART (pixel-based images)
Unlike vector art, raster-based graphics are resolution dependent. Such images are composed of many tiny ‘blocks’ or squares called pixels. The more total pixels (higher resolution), the better your image; however,when you alter the size of this kind of graphic, you can affect the quality. Enlarging a JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PSD (Photoshop) file will create a fuzzier, blurry image. The resolution of this type of artwork is critical. Resolution is measured in dpi or ppi. These describe the number of dots or pixels per linear inch. We must re-draw most raster art and turn it into vector art for production purposes. If you are supplyingraster-based files, the resolution for most projects should be at least 600 dpi at 100% of final (physical) size as appearing on the product. Artwork for watch dials should be at least 1200 dpi.

MEDIA (sending digital art)
Files smaller than 5 megabytes may be emailed to For larger files, please send a PC-formatted CD or DVD, or contact your representative regarding FTP transfers.

CAMERA-READY ART (physical art)
Images should be as clean and sharp as possible. The supplied art will be scanned into our computer system, turning it into a digital image. The larger your supplied art, the better the scan; however, 11 x 17 inches is our maximum scanable size. Please note that HALFTONES, SCREENTONES, GRADIENTS, FADES or SHADES OF GRAY may make your artwork unable to be scanned. Usable as art in most cases: professionally printed letterheads, business cards and other printed pieces on flat, smooth surfaces. Generally not usable as art: faxes, photocopies, inkjet prints and objects with curved or rough surfaces. Camera ready art is not preferred: please have your distributor forward your artwork to be evaluated by our art staff. Customer artwork will be returned only if requested on order. Please include company names and purchase order numbers on all artwork.

All set-up fees include up to five colors.
Golf Balls.....................................................$45(v)
Wall Clocks..................................................$45(v)
Pad Print.....................................................$45(v)
Die-Struck Ball Marker....................................$65(v)
Die-Struck Coin...........................................$200(v)

Orders without acceptable artwork will require an art charge of $55(v). LinksWalker will advise of exact charges and production time before work is begun. Any die-struck ball marker orders that total under 300 pieces will incur a $12.50(v) under minimum charge. A set-up charge may be incurred on custom packaging; please ask your representative for more information.

Pricing for all watches and items ktool, sbtool, gbs, 3pks, 3pkk include an up to 5 color imprint. Items wclock, wc29cm, tac include a 4-color-process imprint. Items ccbm and hclip include up to a 4 color enamel fill.

Artwork will be held on file for 24 months. Reorders within that time frame will have no set-up fee. Repeat orders submitted after that time will require new artwork, and will incur a set-up fee.

In-house printing and production: Two weeks, unless otherwise noted. Overseas fabrication: Seven weeks after final art is approved. Rush service available for an additional charge.

We understand there are times that you need your product right away. If you need it in a hurry, we will make every effort to expedite your order. Please call your LinksWalker sales representative for information.

All orders require 50% down, with the remaining balance due prior to shipping. Please call for more details.


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